Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi guys! My name is Neyda Marrero. My goal in making and developing this blog is to aid those with their struggles with depression, anxiety, mental health, etc. I believe we are in a time where mental health should no longer be overlooked, we should stick together, help each other, and walk each other through the process of victory from these terrible challenges. 

I have gone through my own challenges that have lead me here - to try to help others that go through the same thing. I am a certified mental health first aider, I have personal experience with mental health for 10 years and I have a huge passion for ending the stigma around mental health. Mental health is not a joke, it's real, it should be seen as a priority. 

I hope to help all of you in some way or another, and I want all of you to know that you are not alone. Let's stick together and end this battle once and for all!

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