New Technique On Finding Inner Peace

This writer used to wear thongs on her head and she is teaching us a meditation technique on finding inner peace.

When I came up with the idea of this blog I wanted to make sure that:

1. I was providing valuable information others can use in their time of need.

2. That I was providing a place of community.

Community and connections is something that I truly believe is necessary when battling with mental health. I wanted to create a safe space on this website where people could feel empowered to turn in their stories of struggle, to let others know they are not alone.

This post is the very first turned in story on the website!💥

This story was turned in by Tanya Vazquez. Who also happens to be my older sister! She has struggled with anxiety and self-worth and recently took a class that taught her a meditation technique to find inner peace.

Oh and the thong thing? Yeah, it’s a true story and trust me, I’m getting to that part. 😝

Growing up, Tanya and I lived in separate homes. She lived with her mom and my dad, while I lived with my mom. Then your girl (yes, me) went kinda wild in High School with all the partying and thinking I knew it all. So my momma was like, “ If you don’t get your shit together, you are going to have to move out.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yep. Your girl was forced to move in with dad. Instead of seeing Tanya every other weekend, I saw her and my two other siblings everyday. You can say we have a lot of memories now because of it. 😈

We’d steal each other's clothes and pretend like we had NO IDEA where those strappy sandals were at. We would watch movies, dance, sing, argue, do chores together, ya know typical sister things.

My favorite memory though… When she used to put a thong on her head and call herself bambushka.

Oh yeah and she would walk around with a knife and make my brother and I do all of her chores for the day. even better, she would make us do stupid dances to songs like 1,2 Step by Ciara.

Literally the funniest shit ever. No, she never hurt us and she would never hurt a fly but that is probably the most talked about story every time my family gets together. My weirdness? Comes from family 1000%. *snort laugh*

A little bit about the writer.

  • Tanya is one of the purest souls I know. She is kind, intelligent AF, and a huge lover of music and the arts.

  • She was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the states at a young age. So yes, she has that spice in her and always stands up for what she believes in.

  • She has worked on local film productions with Full Sail and film and theater at Valencia College.

  • She has worked for NineBall and United Stations, which is a company that connects actors with Radio stations who need them for skits/ improvisations and presentations they may have!

  • Guess what she snorts when she laughs, just like I do.


Besides the fact that she is my sister and that this is my first turned in story, Tanya really digs deep into finding inner peace and this may help someone who appreciates the arts find it too. Let’s just dive right in.

Without further ado, here’s Tanya Vazquez's story of overcoming struggle with a new technique:

“I was struggling with my ability to be fully present in the room. I was feeling so cut off from other people and myself. I felt like there was no space for me anywhere.

My mind easily gave into ideas about impending doom, catastrophe taking over my dreams , like at any minute I'd turn the corner and something would surely get me or someone or something I loved. I felt so far away and alone. I needed help.

I heard about a psychophysical acting technique that I had never studied or heard of myself.

Being so interested in the work of the actor all my life I decided to sign up for a workshop intensive that went through the technique.

To begin, we were asked to open our 'ideal creative center' and area in our chests just below our collar bones and to imagine a bright , glowing yellow sun there. We were asked to imagine it until we allowed the feeling.

In the subsequent hours, we were led through a series of exercises where we allowed our bodies to mold as If we were moving through granite or flow as if we were moving through water, we were asked to position our bodies as we would if we had just experienced triumph or defeat, love or loss.

We explored trying on imaginary bodies from magazine clippings and asked how moving with different centers in our bodies would make us walk and talk and feel, how it feels to BE the color pink vs the color blue.

Crazy shit I know. BUT what happened to my mind by being curious about all this was extraordinarily peaceful.

I created some space between my feelings and my awareness of them by simply seeing how they can change by the movement of my body and the allowing of my heart.

I was offered a scholarship to explore the technique further in a course of study at this particular studio and because of that I was able to spend 4 beautiful months seeing how much I could allow. It was a process full of fun , doubt, struggle, curiosity bc of this most of all I was able to tap in the limitless nature of the imagination and the unique ability we have to allow ourselves to be imbued and emboldened by that power.

It allowed me to slow down and look at the person hurting me and seeing the hump on their back and how that carries a burden, how would I feel with one? To look at my own posture and see how I'm holding myself in a chair slouched and walking without using all of my foot, creates feelings of uneasy imbalance.

To be curious about ourselves and our world frees us up. It allows our feelings to be met with compassion, for people to be viewed as whole and multidimensional, for one thing not to override the other.

This technique showed me that I have an ideal creative center and so do you. It is unending, warm, limitless, powerful. You can reach it wherever you are in any dark feeling or place. This is you really and maybe when we can really acknowledge that in ourselves , we can also feel it from others.” - Tanya Vazquez.

POWERFUL, right?

Big thank you to Tanya for putting herself out there and turning in a story to let you know you are not alone.

If you are interested in learning this same technique, you can follow Tanya directly on her Instagram @tangerinedreamz and follow the acting studio giving the classes @truthfulacting. They start the course again this summer of 2020 and it’s called the Micheal Chekhov technique!

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